Circolo Artistico Tunnel

Genoa 1875

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Circolo Artistico Tunnel

At the celebration of the Centennial Anniversary of the Club foundation, Filippo Cameli, then President of the club, wrote:

” Our Club, has been founded in order to facilitate the human desire to communicate, to create a place for entertainment and recreation, to promote and help the expressions of Art and Knowledge. Our Club has never abandoned its principles and has always respected and honored them, thanks to the contributions and actions of illustrious men active in the fields of Art, Science, Law, Economics and Business, whose activities have given dignity and decorum to the city.

From past generations we have been given a legacy of tradition, seriousness of mores, love and dignity, and we have done our best to honor and to respect them. With a clear conscience we now pass on, these values, to those who will follow us.

To this delivery we add our heartily wishes that future generations, living in with more difficult times, will be willing and capable to give our club, love, dedication and security in such a cautious and generous way, so as to exceed our own work. ”

Filippo Cameli

Our Book

Newly elected to chair the Circolo Artistico Tunnel, I find myself performing my first duty as, with just a few words, I introduce members, friends and guests to a new volume which authoritatively delves into all the historical and artistic aspects that have characterised the 130 years and more of the life of the Circle, and the 500 years and more of the Palace which is now its home.

I would like to say a few words regarding the future and not the past, as our Clubhouse is new, this publication is new and I am new, not in years, alas, but to this office that members have munificently entrusted to me. The future should be faced, today more than ever, with a good dose of faith and optimism given the difficult times we live in. Optimism comes to us from the prospect of these ancient walls and from the loyalty and enthusiasm of the members who in years that were far more perilous than these held firm and never showed signs of weakness.

I really do hope that our present and future members will remain true to their heritage as they patronise, live and love their Clubhouse, which, in its splendid new attire, will certainly reciprocate.

Gregorio Gavarone

C.A.T. – Tunnel

This book is dedicated to Genoa and his unknown beauties

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